Prostate Mapping Rental

Also known, as Transperineal Biopsy is a diagnosis procedure to find out if a patient has prostate cancer to an accuracy of approximately 95%. Not only does it calculate the risk, it gives accurate information into the positioning, number and grade of the potential tumour.
Using the grid on the BK Flex Focus Ultrasound the surgeon positions the prostate with the assistance of a Civco Endocavity Balloon. This allows the surgeon to sample the prostate as per their radiology report.

Transperineal template guided prostate biopsy is an alternative method for sampling the prostate. A template-guided biopsy is carried out under a general anaesthetic using an ultrasound probe, which is gently inserted into the back passage, and the prostate is scanned. A soft, flexible tube is inserted through the penis into the bladder to identify the urethra and is left in place for the duration of the procedure. Biopsies are taken using a grid (template) with holes every 5mm placed against the perineum (the skin between the scrotum and back passage). The whole procedure lasts between 20-40 minutes.

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